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Report says 40% of future cars to be turbocharged


Turbocharger sales to go up as high as 80%

There's a growing trend in today's automobile industry: small turbo engines are becoming the norm.

Automotive manufacturers have long realized that today's fuel prices (which are going every possible way up) and the growing concern for harmful emissions, is fast accelerating the buying public's desire and awareness for more fuel efficient vehicles. As a response, many automakers have started to utilize smaller displacement, turbocherged engines to produce more power with less emissions and better consumption.

This trend has significantly boosted the production and sales of turbocharged small engines. As a matter of fact, according to Honeywell Transportation System, one of the world's major suppliers of automotive turbochargers, nearly 36 million new vehicles will be equipped with turbos by the year 2017. Just last year, Honeywell claims that turbos were used in around 20 million vehicles worldwide.


“Turbocharged engines are expected to continue to grow globally because they meet the needs of consumers in a wide range of vehicle segments and geographic markets,” said Peter Hill, Honeywell Transportation Systems Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

In the Philippines, the majority of turbocharged cars sold belong to the diesel family, primarily the pick up and 7-seat SUV segments. Turbo gasoline engines are still reserved for performance machines (i.e. Lancer Ralliart, Impreza STI, Cooper S, Genesis Coupe 2.0T), though some have already begun selling smaller displacement turbo gasoline engines like Ford with the new Explorer EcoBoost (2.0L turbo GDI) and BMW with the new 328i (2.0L turbo GDI).

SOURCE: TheDetroitBureau

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