License renewal and annual vehicle registration could be done online if House deputy majority leader and Cebu First District Rep. Gerald Anthony Gullas, Jr. gets his wish. The solon is urging the Land Transportation Office to upgrade its systems to allow the online renewal of driver's licenses and motor vehicle registrations.

Gullas noted that in other countries, car owners are able to renew their driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registration electronically, as well as pay fees and traffic fines using their credit or debit card.

"Our LTO has been left far behind computer systems-wise compared to other countries, where citizens may now conveniently renew driver's licenses and car registrations electronically, without having to physically show up at the nearest office of the transport regulator," Gullas told several news agencies.

Upgrading to an online renewal system will dramatically reduce the backlog of the LTO.

"Right now, some 53% of licenses and permits processed by the LTO every year are actually renewals, while some 80% of car registrations handled are also renewals," Gullas said.

He also pointed out that the move could minimize opportunities for corrupt employees to offer to "fix” delays and collect extra “facilitation” fees with a more efficient system.

With the right system in place, drivers and car owners could do as many transactions as: Renew a driver's license and pay for the renewal via credit or debit card, or remote bank transfer; Request for their own driver record and pay for it; Pay traffic fines; Renew their motor vehicle registration and pay for it; Report the sale or transfer of car ownership and pay the appropriate fees; Report a change of address; and Set up an appointment with the local office of the transport regulator.