Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), together with Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) and Denso Corporation ( Denso), have recently collaborated to form a new company, focused solely on developing electric vehicles. Called EV C.A. Spirit Co., Ltd., the company will specifically focus on the development of basic structural technologies for electric vehicle, and is composed of engineers from the three manufacturers.

Now, report from Kyodo News says that Suzuki Motor Corp. (Suzuki) is also considering joining the newly setup development company. Earlier this year, Suzuki and Toyota were said to have already began talks for a business partnership in key areas such as environmental, safety and information technologies. Suzuki possibly joining the EV development company could be the fruit of this talks.

Suzuki mulls joining Toyota, Mazda, Denso EV collaboration

Suzuki currently has a large share of the Indian market, which is popular with their small cars. However, the group is said to have been lagging behind in the development of next-generation vehicles, which are needed to pass the ever stringent emissions law around the world. Suzuki entering the newly found company could prove to be the solution they need.

Majority of the capital at the EV C.A. Spirit is held by Toyota, who has invested 90 percent. The rest of the 10 perecent are split by Mazda and Denso. Toyota will also be offering their Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform while Mazda will use their skill in computer modeling-based development and Denso with their electronics. Combining their efforts, the three can develop new EV platforms that can meet the demand of the ever changing auto market.

It will be curious to see what Suzuki has to offer if ever the automaker does join the newly formed EV C.A. Spirit. 

Source: Kyodo News