Suzuki Motor Corp. will reportedly recall 2 million cars worldwide as a result of a faulty ignition switch that emits smoke when activated according to Automotive News.

The recall affects other cars built by Suzuki as well. In Japan, the recall amounted to 1,873,000 cars which include Chevrolet Cruzes built by Suzuki for General Motors, two domestic cars built for Mazda (the AZ Wagon and the Carol) and the company's own Alto, Wagon R and Swift.

All of the models sold in Japan were built between 1998 and 2009 and there are only 67 reported cases of the smoking ignition switch which all happened in Japan.

The remaining 133,700 Swifts, Altos and Chevy Cruzes were sold to other markets in Australia and Europe a Suzuki spokesperson said to Automotive News.

Furthermore, Suzuki also stated that there are no reports yet of injuries/fatalities or smoking ignition switches outside of Japan.

There are no details yet if the global recall extends to other parts of Asia.

Source: Automotive News