In a bid to grow their market ahead of the Model 3’s production, Tesla has been aggressively expanding its presence in Asia. Aside from having a steadily growing presence in China, Hong Kong, and Japan since 2014, Tesla have broken into Taiwan as well as South Korea this year.

Following their string of expansions, it appears Tesla won’t be stopping anytime soon. While they seem to be eyeing Singapore and Malaysia as their next stop, it appears one other country may well be in the cards for Tesla: The Philippines.

In an interview last week, Alfredo S. Panlilio, Senior Vice President of Meralco, told reporters that their company has indeed been in talks with Tesla and that their company’s executives will likely pay a visit by the end of the year. Panlilio says that their company is very much interested in exploring a “potential partnership” with Tesla to distribute their energy storage products.

Aside from Tesla’s well known Electric Vehicles (EVs), there are talks of bringing in the ‘Tesla Energy’ division into the market as well. This division likely includes energy storage solutions such as Tesla’s Powerwall technology.

Unlike conventional internal combustion-powered vehicles, EVs have another hurdle to overcome with regards to its implementation – the need for an accompanying infrastructure. That said, Panlilio has this to say with regards to that:

“We just have to be ahead of adoption, for example, if EV rollout finally comes on mass scale, Meralco should be ready – even with the charging stations.  We’ve been espousing about it for two years already, but it depends on the government also on what are the policies for EVs and how can you massively have more e-jeepneys (electric jeepneys). There are still a lot of things that must be done.”

While this indeed is an interesting development, Meralco will likely have to work closely with the government to provide proper infrastructure – as well as incentives – for potential owners of EVs in the country.

Source: Manila Bulletin