During the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, members of motoring media kept asking Nissan if there will be a next-generation Z sports car. As it stands, the current 370Z is soldiering on in its twelfth year with no word of an all-new model. The Japanese automaker didn't have an answer then but it now seems that they do.

At the 2018 North American International Auto Show, vice president of product planning at Nissan North America, Inc. Michael Bunce said they are working on a new Z sports car. He added that the Z nameplate is something the brand will not walk away from. That said, Bunce did not say how far it is in study and development, nor did he say a timeframe for its release. For now, Bunce's word is all the public will get as an answer.

Bunce went on to say that the Z Car is part of Nissan's heritage with the name stretching back to as far back as 1969. The brand has also made it clear that their future will not just revolve around electric vehicles, crossovers and SUVs. There will be always be room for high-performance models, said Nissan. To further reassure enthusiasts, the executive said that the car 'isn't going anywhere' as it is 'an important asset' to the automaker.

While Bunce's statement will help the Z fight another day, it does open up more questions. Will it come with an electrically assisted motor or will it be turbocharged? In the meantime, one can only speculate and it will take years before we see an all-new Z Car.

Source: Autoguide