As early as 2013, there were already talks swirling around that Toyota Motor Corporation and BMW AG were partnering up to develop a shared platform for a midsize sports car.

Progress has been slow but there nevertheless has been forward movement.

Early this week BMW has confirmed with Bloomberg that the sports car partnership dubbed ‘Silk Road’ is on track with the schedule and is ‘progressing according to plan.’

The benefits of this partnership slightly differ for both automakers but they are clear on one thing, both models based on this platform will not be direct rivals to one another.

The BMW Z4

Unconfirmed reports say that BMW plans to base the next-generation Z-series roadster on the ‘Silk Road’ while Toyota will use the platform to resurrect the Supra nameplate.

Reports indicate that BMW will be providing the engine and its coupe rear-drive chassis while Toyota offer the body and also contribute valuable hybrid technology know-how.

Earliest release date of either sports car is estimated sometime 2018.

Source: Bloomberg