The Nurburgring Nordschliefe is arguably the most popular racetrack in the world. Not only does it play host to numerous racing events, but it is also a frequently visited by enthusiasts and manfuacturers alike.

The 20.8km racetrack also known as the Green Hell is located in the town of Nurburg in Germany. That said, it's not necessarily an easily accessible place - especially for those living outside of Europe. If that's the case, why not build a miniature or partial replica of the Nurburgring closer to home? An expensive proposition, but if you're a big car manufacturer like Toyota it just might be doable.

According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, the Japanese automaker is planning to build a new research and development facility in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Toyota is said to have recently secure a vast track of land, approximately 650 hectares, and will feature as much as 11 test tracks. One of which will mirror the infamous Nordschleife.

Considering that the whole Nordschleife circuit is 20.8 km long, copy-pasting the whole circuit may seem like a daunting task. Toyota's version of the Green Hell will only be 5.3km long and will not be an inch-by-inch recreation. However, it is said to feature tight corners and sudden elevation changes similar to that on the Nurburgring. The track will be used to test steering and braking abilities of upcoming vehicles to ensure that it meets regulations world wide. Most of the 11 tracks however, will be used to handle development of new electric vehciles.

The new facility is reported to cost over $2.8 billion and will employ around 3,300 people. It is set to open in 2023.

Report: Nikkei Asian Review