Last year, Toyota rolled out the FT-AC concept during the Los Angeles Auto Show. Now, it appears that the company wants to build a road-going version of the said concept. It will join the TJ Cruiser as one of the Toyota concepts that will see a production model.

Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager for Toyota USA, said that the FT-AC will more than likely be available in showrooms in the future. Hollis states that the strong customer feedback of the concept is similar to that of the FJ Cruiser. Hollis added that they would like most of the FT-AC's styling to make it into production. This may also hint that the concept might eventually be the basis of the next-generation RAV4.

Report: Toyota FT-AC concept to be next-gen RAV4?

Besides Hollis' statement, another clue suggesting that this will be the next RAV4 is its dimensions. At just under 4,700 mm long, it is slightly larger than the current RAV4. It also utilizes the same modular platform dubbed TNGA, which is currently used in the Prius and Camry, which are both in different size categories. The TNGA platform will also underpin the twelfth-generation Corolla.

Should the FT-AC transition into the fifth-generation RAV4, it is likely that some of the styling details may not be included. Features such as the skid plates, exposed tow hooks, and the pop-out bicycle rack may not reach production. Expect a less aggressive fender flare treatment, as well as smaller alloy wheels.

Given that the present RAV4 is already turning five years old, it could be said that it is due for a major model change. The past two generations had lengthy production cycles, both at six years.

Source: Autoguide