Toyota Motor Corporation is planning to mass produce their long-range electric vehicles and expects it to be out in the market by 2020.

Report says that by early 2017, Toyota will assemble a team committed to developing electric vehicles with more than 299 km range on a single charge, which are expected to arrive in the market by 2020 in Japan and other countries.

However, the Japanese manufacturer neither declined nor confirmed this report. Instead, Toyota said that they will continue in developing various fuel-efficient technologies, including electric vehicles.

"Toyota has been a major hold-out on EVs, but it appears that it now realizes that without them it may be difficult to satisfy tightening regulations. Not [including EVs as an option] would run the risk that it could face sales restrictions in some areas," said Takeshi Miyao, managing director of consultancy Carnorama.

Also, according to the brand's engineers, the company intends to produce a battery for their own models in the future to ensure a safe and efficient lithium-ion battery.

Toyota also said that they are aiming to make all the brand's vehicles essentially emissions-free by 2050.

SOURCE: Automotive News