After Honda's new CEO Takahiro Hachigo announced that the new Accord and CR-V will be more "attractive", Leon Brannan, Honda UK's CEO, has released a few details on the 2017 CR-V. Honda's UK chief said the upcoming CR-V will be bigger and will have 7 seat capacity standard.

The decision to make the CR-V larger is because of the company's latest crossover, the revived HR-V. With the HR-V's size creeping towards the first generation CR-V, the CR-V now has to distance itself from its smaller counterpart. Seven seat capacities have also made its way with compact crossovers. With the growth in dimensions, the CR-V will be able to further distance itself from the HR-V.

The rear of the current-generation CR-V

"CR-V is a massive pillar for us. Most people in this segment will vote with their feet and buy two-wheel drive. So if we can assume that HR-V will ever only be two-wheel drive, then you’ve got to proposition with CR-V." said Brannan.

Honda's UK CEO also said that the 2017 CR-V will be more "upscale" and "premium", aiming for crossovers such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Volvo XC60. “Can we compete with Land Rover as a brand? That’s less about CR-V and more about Honda as a brand. Now we have the growing vehicle line-up you’ll see more communications about Honda.” adds Brannan.

Source: Autocar UK