Lamborghini’s upcoming crossover will apparently become available with two additional powertrains aside from the naturally-aspirated V12 or V10 engines the company is known for.

According to AutoBlog, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, Stephen Winkelmann stated that the soon-to-be-released crossover may be offered with a turbocharged engine, along with a hybrid plug-in if they have the opportunity to make it.

It will however not be geared towards off-road use as the CEO pointed out it will be tailored for on-road performance instead; differentiating it from Lamborghini’s infamous LM002 SUV.

“It’s good to have heritage but the LM002 is not the reference or the blueprint,” added Winkelmann.

The Lamborghini Estoque concept

In the beginning though, the company pondered on whether going with a sedan (courtesy of the Estoque concept) or with a crossover to expand their lineup. Even though the sedan appeared to be the better choice, Lamborghini ultimately decided to go with the crossover.

Winkelmann expounded on the decision by saying that they first made a detailed study on how will it be received.

“Before deciding for the SUV, for sure we made an analysis of all the segments. So in terms of pricing, in terms of regional or worldwide distribution, in terms of gross opportunities, in terms of capitalization on existing models... All of that led up to a segment much deeper and to find out this was going to be the one we want to stay in,” said the CEO.

The crossover is expected to make its world debut come 2018 and Lamborghini plans to sell 3,000 units of it every year.

Source: AutoBlog