For quite some time now, Subaru has been saying that they will be joining the plug-in hybrid market in the near future. Now, it seems that Subaru has made a step forward as Car and Driver Magazine reports that the upcoming car, or at least the hybrid drive system, now has a name. It will likely be named Evoltis.

So how did Car and Driver come to this conclusion? The publication stated that Subaru Corporation of Japan filed the Evoltis name in the US. Filed under '1B' code, it means that the name is for use but it isn't entirely certain if it will be for the car or for the hybrid system. For now, Subaru declined to comment on the discovery of the name. However, the fact that the name is 'for use' means the public will be seeing the name in some way.

What is (somewhat) confirmed is the technology that will be used for Subaru's first plug-in hybrid. Back in January, chief technical officer Takeshi Tachimori told members of the press that they will sharing technology with Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system. While Tachimori did not go into specifics, it is likely that Subaru will be using similar technologies from the Prius Prime's plug-in system.

It remains to be seen if the plug-in hybrid vehicle will come as a sedan, hatchback or a crossover. Given the market trend, it is likely that it may well be a crossover. Besides investing in plug-ins, Subaru also said that they will be unveiling a fully-electric vehicle in the next decade.

Source: Car and Driver