Even though Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko said that the Lancer will be no more, it looks like the name will be here to stay, albeit as a completely different vehicle.

Mitsubishi Motors chief operating officer Trevor Mann and chief designer Tsunehiro Kunimoto are said to be currently working on the new car. Mann then told correspondents from Auto Express the new direction the Lancer will be taking, which will be a crossover.

Mann said that the design of the next-generation Lancer is close to being finalized. The executive added that they will be replacing the ASX and the Outlander with just one model and he specifically mentioned the Lancer. Given that Mitsubishi turned the Eclipse into a crossover, perhaps it was inevitable that the Lancer would follow suit.

On the design front, Kunimoto mentioned that the future Lancer's looks will be based on the e-Evolution concept shown during the Tokyo Motor Show late last year. While it's unlikely the radical styling could reach production, it is likely we will see a toned-down version of it in a few years time. Kunimoto also said that it won't be a conventional hatchback, possibly hinting it may well be a crossover. He added that they are going also 'radical' with the new look. The next Lancer could compete against the likes of the Toyota C-HR and Subaru XV.

For now, these are the only pieces of information Mitsubishi is willing to give to the public surrounding the next-generation Lancer. As Nissan now owns a large chunk of Mitsubishi Motors, it is possible that the platform that could be used will be shared with both Nissan and Renault. Hybrids and all-wheels drive versions are a possibility as well, says Auto Express.

Source: Auto Express