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Report: Wolfgang Durheimer to step down as Bentley CEO


Wolfgang Dürheimer to be replaced by Adrian Hallmark from JLR

Earlier this month, it was reported that Stephan Winkelman, former head of Audi Sport, will be assuming the position president of Bugatti by the end of the 2017. Winkelman will be replacing outgoing Bugatti CEO and president Wolfgang Durheimer, who will then be solely leading Bentley. Now, Germany's Manager Magazin reports that Durheimer is also set to relinquish his post as Bentley's CEO in favor of a new executive from Jaguar-Land Rover.

Adrian Hallmark, who is currently Jaguar Land Rover's strategy boss, will reportedly be replacing Durheimer as the new CEO of Bentley. Prior to his working in Jaguar Land Rover, Hallmark previously worked for Porsche, Volkswagen Asia, and Saab. At one point he even worked for Bentley. He then transferred to his current position in Jaguar Land Rover back in 2010.

As for Durheimer, he has been the CEO and president of Bugatti since 2014. Before assuming positions at Bugatti and Bentley, he had previously head both Audi and Porsche. During his time with Bentley, Durheimer oversaw development of the recently released Continental GT, the Bentayga SUV, and future model Bentleys to come.


Durheimer stepping down in both positions is said to be part of Volkswagen's management shift within the brand. As for Bentley, we will have to wait and see which direction Hallmark will be taking the brand.

Source: Manager Magazin

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