From stylish designs and coachbuilding, Italian firm Pininfarina now seems to have their eyes set on the electric vehicle market. The announcement was made by the design firm's CEO Paulo Pininfarina back at the 2018 Geneva motor show, who hinted that the brand will be shifting to build luxury electric vehicles together with parent company Mahindra.

“My father's dream was to build a car company and his father’s dream was also to build a car company. Now I plan for that dream to come true,” said Pininfarina.

Pininfarina did not disclose any details as to how they plan on switching from being a coach-builder to being a full-time EV builder. Furthermore, they did not mention whether they will source their powertrains or have them developed in house. Recently, the brand introduced their first concept vehicle called the HK GT EV built together with the Hybrid Kinetic group. It is possible that their new powertrains will be coming from them.

Shoud Pininfarina want to become the first luxury electric automaker, they would need to act fast. Currently, Aston Martin also has sights for the same title. The British automaker recently announced the re-launching the Lagonda name as the brand's premium EV brand. Rolls-Royce is also reported to build fully electric vehicles instead of hybrids.