It was about four weeks ago when newly-elected Mayor Vico Sotto officially abolished the much maligned odd-even scheme in Pasig City. With it, motorists can now freely pass through the city without the risk of being flagged down by traffic enforcers for a confusing car ban violation.

However, the 29-year old Mayor is not yet done making improvements in the city. After suspending the odd-even number coding scheme, Sotto now wants to retrain every trffic enforcer of the Traffic & Parking Management Office (TPMO).

In his own words, Sotto is aware of the notoriety of Pasig's own “Blue Boys”. He even went on to say that most of its members are prone to corruption and need to be trained more in handling traffic.

“Alam nating lahat kung gaano ka-notorious ang mga Pasig TPMPO o 'Blue Boys'. Aminin natin na marami pa rin sa kanila ang tiwali o kulang sa kasanayan,” said Sotto.

[We all know how notorious Pasig TMPO or the Blue Boys can be. Let's admit that many of them are corrupt and lack proper training”].

Starting today however, Sotto said that the traffic enforcers will undergo the 'Continuing Professional Development Program'. Under the newly-announced traning program, the traffic enforcers will be coached and guided accordingly to learn about traffic rules & regulations, as well as conversing with motorists.

Enforcers that will show good performance in the coming months can become permanenent members of the TPMO as most of them are contractual and have low-paying salaries. On the flipside, those that will not improve their performance and continue to be corrupt will be fired. In fact, Sotto said that they currently have 6 enforcers that will be charged with administrative complaints, as well as two other members that were recently arrested by the PNP due to their corrupt acts.

With Sotto adamant in removing corruption within the ranks of the TPMO, perhaps Pasig City's Blue Boys will soon lose their notoreity amongst motorists . And with the 'quota system' also set to be removed, the retrained traffic enforcers can focus their attention in managing traffic rather than meeting the monthly citation tickets they need to issue.