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SLEX, Skyway to phase out e-Pass for RFID system


Auto Sweep giving first 200k applicants get free RFID

The Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation has begun its phasing out of the old e-Pass and will be replacing it with RFID passes. CMMTC has posted guidelines on how to get the new Auto Sweep RFID system with the first 200,000 applicants getting them for free.

The Auto Sweep RFID system consists of two kinds of RFID stickers to be placed on the car and an e-Card. The first option will be to place the sticker on the corner of the headlight or where it doesn't obstruct the beam of light. The other will be placed in the windshield of the car.


According to a report by Inquirer, the system will be able to scan a vehicle even at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Their report also said that the system has been undergoing testing and is set to be rolled out next month.

There are two requirements to apply for the RFID system. First is a photo of one valid I.D with a photo and signature. Examples of these are SSS I.D's, TIN's, passports or driver's licenses. The second is a photocopy of the vehicle's OR/CR or, for new cars, a photocopy of the sales invoice. Applicants are then required to fill up the form and get the RFID tags placed on the car. The account has to be activated and only then will the e-Card be issued to the owner.

Applications can be online through their website or on-site in either the Skyway Bicutan Southbound office or the SLEX Cabuyao Northbound office.

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