The City of Yokohama in Japan has just launched a revolutionary service that may very well boost the popularity of both the ride-sharing industry and electric vehicles.

For approximately 3,000 JPY per day, holders of Japanese driver’s licenses and a Japan-issued credit card may now log into the Choimobi website to try out the ‘Choimobi Yokohama’ service that offers the use of 25 Nissan New Mobility Concept units in and around Yokohama.

Ride-share using the Nissan New Mobility Concept in Yokohama

The Nissan New Mobility Concept is an ultra-compact electric vehicle that underwent a one-way only, two-year trial starting 2013 as part of the city’s program to ‘encourage low-emission transport options, improve the quality of transportation and promote tourism.’

After registration, users may pick up and return the unit in any of the 14 locations around Yokohama Station. Twelve locations around the city will provide free parking spaces to 23 of the 25 units.

Inside the Nissan Mobility Concept

The vehicles can be taken anywhere in the city except on the expressways and highways that have speed limits that exceed 60 kilometers per hour. ‘Choimobi Yokohama’ started March 17, 2017 and will go on until March 2019.

Nissan and Yokohama will use the next two years to continue studying the feasibility of the service while also encouraging others to join the program.