Croatian firm Rimac first presented the Concept One electric supercar back in 2011. It wasn't until 2016 however did the production version debut, which was limited to 10 units only. Now, just a year later, the electric supercar maker has released a teaser for their upcoming hypercar, a follow-up to Concept One.

Apart from the lone shadowy teaser photo revealed on Rimac's Facebook page, there are no other details to go on regarding the upcoming electric hypercar's design or performance figures. The firm does claim that their next-generation vehicle will be a 'true game changer'.

From speculation, expect the Rimac hypercar to produce more than the 1,224 PS Concept One. Coupled with the increase in power would be improved performance figures such as faster 0-100km/h times and a higher top speed. Currently, the Concept One can sprint from 0-97km/h in 2.5 second and reach a top speed of 354 km/h. Given how Rimac claims it to be a 'game changer', expect some big differences to the new vehicle.

Evo Magazine had the chance to speak with Rimac CEO Mate Rimac who confirmed that the electric hypercar will sit above the Concept One. It will also offer more performance and usability packaged together as compared to other vehicles of the same caliber, such as that of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One.

For now, we will just have to wait until the 2018 Geneva International Motor to see whether the upcoming Rimac hypercar will live up to its game changing reputation.

Source: Evo