Swiss automotive company Rinspeed recently revealed some details about their Budii driverless concept car which will debut for this year's Geneva Motor Show. It was made by Rinspeed as a way of previewing how the Budii can shape the future of driverless cars in the future.

Outside, Rinspeed stated that the shape and design of the Budii draws heavily from the BMW i3 electric car but features a unique style that consists of a wide front fascia, muscular wheel arches that house the 19-inch Borbet eight-spoke alloy wheels and a rectangular rear end.

Rear of the Rinspeed

Up on the roof sits the telescopic laser scanner called 'TrackView' that can be raised 70 cm high. When activated, it provides a 3D perspective of the road that works in tandem with a high resolution camera mapping the terrain while gathering data. The data will be used by the car to automatically adjust the suspension and ride height by up to 100mm depending on the road conditions. Additionally, TrackView can also act as an early warning device to identify and avoid obstacles on the road which can be used by the driver or by the car when used autonomously.

The interior of the Rinspeed Budii

One of the car's key features is the seven-axis robotic arm inside the cabin that acts like a personal valet for the occupants. The arm provides control for the steering wheel as well should the driver desire to go autonomous and has a Bucherer Manero PowerReserve watch on its 'sleeve'. Moreover, the cabin's next-generation infotainment system comes from Harman which which has the ability to learn the preferences of the user/s while audio equipment comes from the company's audio division, Harman & Kardon.

The Rinspeed Budii set to autonomous driving

Exact powertrain specifications of the Rinspeed Budii were not yet provided.

“In the future, cars will do just as we do: they will keep learning every day, and as a result will get better and better at mastering the complex challenges of modern-day private transport. To this end, “Budii” will take information from its surroundings, its own experiences and those of other vehicles along its route into consideration. The long-term result will be a cognitive and intuitive autopilot. The Swiss company will demonstrate what such a “friend on wheels” could look like with the trans-urban SUV “Budii” at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show,” said Frank M. Rinderknecht, Rinspeed CEO and founder.