This Saturday, July 14, several roads in Manila will be closed to make way for Iglesia ni Cristo's Worldwide Aid to Fight Poverty campaign. The MMDA says that at least 200,000 INC members are expected to participate in the two-day event to be held at the Rizal Park, Manila. Certain roads in Manila will remain closed on July 15.

By 6:00 PM on July 14, the stretch of Katigbak Drive, South Drive and Independence Road will be off-limits to passing vehicles. There will be more closures the next day, July 15, by 12:01 AM. The roads that will be closed off are the following:

Stretch of Road-10 from Moriones to Delpan Bridge

Stretch of Bonifacio Drive from Delpan Bridge to Katigbak Drive

Stretch of Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to P. Ocampo

East and Westbound lane from P. Burgos from Lagusnilad to Roxas Boulevard

Finance Road from Taft Avenue To P. Burgos

Westbound lane of TM Kalaw from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard

Westbound lane of Pres. Quirino from M.H del Pilar to Roxas Boulevard

The MMDA has advised motorists to take alternate routes during the weekend. Those coming from the southbound lane of R-10 will have to turn left to Moriones St. As for those who will come from the Pasay area heading to the northbound lane of Roxas Boulevard, will have to turn right to P. Ocampo Street or use Roxas Boulevard service Road.

From the three bridges, Quezon, McArthur and Jones, motorists heading towards the southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard will have to go straight to Taft Avenue. The same applies for all those coming from Ayala Bridge.

For those driving along the westbound lane of Pres. Quirino, they will be detoured to turn left to Mabini St. Lastly, heavy vehicles and cargo trucks shall have to take Pres. Osmena, to Pres. Quirino going to Nagtahan via AH Lacson to Yuseco to Capulong to R-10 (vise versa)