After joining McLaren back in 2009 as the company's Senior Designer, Robert Melville was recently promoted to Chief Designer and will now report directly to McLaren's Design Director Frank Stephenson. Thirty seven-year old Melville himself has worked on designing the look of such McLaren cars like the P1, the 650S and most recently, the Sports Series which is set to be unveiled during the Q2 of 2015.

"I am very honored with this recognition and look forward to turning our future vision work into reality. McLaren has always innovated with class-leading performance and breathtaking design and I am convinced the look of our upcoming cars, including the Sports Series, will continue to electrify," said Melville.

Stephenson on the other hand stated Melville has been heavily involve in the forming McLaren's current visual appearance of the brand.

"McLaren operates from the dynamic haute-couture end of the industry and our customers continue to stimulate us from the design and product perspectives, and Rob brings a strong skill set and great enthusiasm to the team. These proven credentials will ensure a fresh and exciting look for the brand as we enter an important phase of business growth," said Stephenson.

Thirty seven-year old Melville has more than a decade of work experience on designing cars in the luxury segment. He graduated from the Royal College of Arts in 2003 after finishing his studies on Automotive Design.