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Rolls-Royce Dawn undergoes Black Badge treatment


Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge revealed with 600 PS

Rolls-Royce's Black Badge range adds a new topless model to its line, the Dawn. It joins the Black Badge variants of both the Wraith and the Ghost.

Originally launched in 2016, the Black Badge line was introduced by Rolls-Royce inorder to meet the lifestyle requirements of a “younger, more dynamic patron of luxury.” The new line was also intended to answer the demands of customers who wanted to stand out by choosing to define themselves differently.


Like the Wraith and the Ghost, the Dawn Black Badge has been treated to a power increase. The droptop's 6.6-liter biturbo V12 now outputs 600 PS and 840 Nm of torque, up from the 571 PS found on the standard model. Power is then sent to an eight-speed automatic gearbox which Rolls-Royce has tuned to give a “feeling of urgency” behind the wheel.

The new power figure propells the Dawn Black Badge from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, which is not bad considering it weighs 2,560 kilograms. Despite the power improvements, the Dawn is still the least powerful model in the Black Badge line. To match the more powerful output, the suspension has been tweaked to give a balance of both comfort and driving focus for high-speed cornering.

Given that it is a still Rolls-Royce, the Dawn Black Badge goes beyond just a powerful engine. The overall aesthetics of the vehicle is equally imporant, which is why Rolls-Royce claims that they used 'most exhaustive painting and polishing process ever used for a solid paint color.' To match the Black Badge line, the Dawn is said to be finished 'in the deepest, darkest and most intense black to ever grace a production car surface.' Meanwhile, the grill, exhaust and Spirit of Ecstasy have been finished in dark chrome.

Inside, one is greeted with a plethora of black leather. There are however bright Mandarin orange highlights piped throughout the cabin, such as the RR logo on the headrest, keeping the cabin from appearing too dark. Finishing off the interior details is Sir Malcolm Campbell's infiniti logo which appears in the center section between the rear seats.

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