After 13 years, the production of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VII is coming to an end. With the last Phantom rolling off the line, Rolls-Royce prepares for the production of the Phantom VIII. Before welcoming an all-new flagship, Rolls-Royce is sending off the final Phantom VII off the line with a bespoke model.

Rolls-Royce sends off its final Phantom VII

According to Rolls-Royce, the last Phantom VII is a reflection of why the British marque is at the pinnacle of luxury vehicles. The final Phantom VII comes in extended wheelbase form, and is treated to a special shade of blue velvet paint. On top of that, it also gets special design enhancement for the customer, who is said to be “a renowned contemporary Rolls-Royce collector.”

The white interior and nautical-theme of the final Rolls-Royce Phantom VII

The Phantom features a nautical theme inspired by ocean liners from the 1930s era. Matching that would be the tone-on-tone embroidery mimicking movements of the sea applied to its Powder Blue leather interior. Continuing the 1930s theme, the two clocks in the car has been designed to mimic the radio clocks installed in cruise liners of the era.This rotating bezel also features different time zones, allowing the owner to rotate it depending on where they find themselves around the world. Additional individual touches to go along with the 1930's theme are lambswool carpets, a twin-coach line with an ocean liner motif, pinstriped tires, and a solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy.

A closer look on the nautical theme of the Final Phantom VII

With this final Phantom VII, Rolls-Royce now sets the stage for the next generation Phantom which according to Rolls-Royce will “advance the standards set by its illustrious forbears”. The new Phantom will be underpinned by an all-new aluminum platform allowing it to shave off a considerable amount of weight. The next generation Phantom VIII is set to debut in the second half of this year.