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Rolls Royce Silver Ghost amps up luxury and exclusivity


Rolls Royce pays tribute to a classic with the limited Silver Ghost

It's safe to say that the word bespoke can be associated with ultra-luxury automaker Rolls-Royce. For those who still feel that the standard models are still a little too common, the British marque has unveiled the Silver Ghost, and it amps up the luxury and exclusivity.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is based on the standard Ghost but gets detail trinkets that set it apart from the standard (but still luxurious) model. Only 35 of these Silver Ghosts will be made, making it one of the more exclusive models to come out of Goodwood.


Rolls-Royce's latest bespoke models pay tribute to one of the first cars produced by company, and is actually a nickname to one of the marque's record breakers, the 40/50 HP. Nearly a century ago, it drove non-stop for 23,127 kilometers, an impressive feat during the infancy of the automobile.

The record car was painted silver, hence, this new version is finished in the same way. They even went as far as applying old painting methods for the car, meaning each of these unique Rolls-Royce Ghosts are actually painted by hand and it took eight hours to complete the process.

It's not just the paint that makes it special, says Rolls-Royce. The grill is finishes in high-gloss black and the center caps of the wheels are polished medal. Also, the Spirit of Ecstasy pop-up hood ornament is made out of sterling silver with AX201 embossed on the base as a nod the the record car's original license plate. There's even more silver jewelry inside from the trimmings to the hidden umbrella in the doors. Lastly, there's a plaque that says 'Silver Ghost Collection – One of Thirty-Five', which is likely to impress the members of high society.

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