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Rolls-Royce unveils bespoke, one-off Dawn Mayfair Edition


Rolls-Royce's latest special model is limited to just one unit

Rolls-Royce had recently commemorated one of their longest-standing dealerships in the world. For the past 85 years, the H.R. Owen luxury dealer group, has been selling Rolls-Royce motor cars. To celebrate this milestone, the company has commissioned a special, one-off car with the Dawn Mayfair edition. Like most bespoke vehicles, the Dawn Mayfair Edition will have its own unique styling cues both inside and out, making the drophead coupe standout among others.

Among the exclusive parts found on this one-off Dawn is a bespoke copper dashboard, the first time that Rolls-Royce has fitted on any of its vehicles. Matched along with the custom copper dashboard are special embroidered treadplates that read: “Special Commission – Mayfair Edition One of One”.


To match the copper theme, the Bespoke Audio speakers have been finished in copper as well, with the Arctic White seats giving contrast to the copper theme. On the outside, the drophead coupe has been finished in a custom Berwick Bronze paint.

Designing the Dawn Mayfair Edition was done entirely by the staff at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London. Inspiration for the one off Daw was taken from the world of high-end horology – the study and measurement of time – which was then brought together at Rolls-Royce's design studio.

Once finished, the Dawn Mayfair Edition said to capture all that was the H.R. Owen dealer: “exquisite levels of attention to detail, the finest bespoke features throughout and an unrivaled air of class.” As to how much it will cost, the dealer group has not mentioned the price of the Dawn Mayfair Edition. This being the only Dawn Mayfair Edition in the world, likely to hover near the million Pound mark.

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