Being a staple choice of wheel for most Japanese or Korean vehicles locally, Rota Wheels have since had a variety of designs and colors to cater to almost any discerning customer. But while their design choices may have a sizeable selection, there seems to be one key variable that prevents a good chunk of the market from getting their wheels – Bolt Patterns.

You see, not all cars share the same four or five holes to mount their wheels onto the hub. And while Rota pretty much has the 4x100/114.3 and 5x100/114.3 market covered, European car applications usually have nothing much to choose from. That said, Euro cars can’t exactly join in on the wide selection of wheels from Rota’s lineup. This time though, Rota is keen to include the Euro segment into their clientele – through the new Rota Garagiste.

Specced in bolt patterns such as 5x108 (Volvo, Ford, Ferrari F430), 5x112 (Audi, Mercedes), 5x120 (BMW), and 5x130 (Porsche), the Garagiste is geared towards the european car market. Sporting a fresh multi-spoke design, the wheel ought to suit most applications while not being over-the-top.

Considering that most european vehicles are quite big and sizeable, the Garagiste is only offered in 19-inch diameter with width selections ranging from 8.5-inches all the way to a wide 11-inch wheel. Weight was also a consideration, as Rota points out that the Garagiste is supposed to be a lightweight wheel weighing in at 10.63 kilograms for 8.5 inches and 12.3 kilograms for the widest 11-inch model. Colors such as Gold, Hyper Silver, Hyper Black, and other signature Rota colors are available for the Garagiste as well.

Garagiste Sizes

Garagiste Sizes

So, have a European car that needs a little aesthetic improvement? Visit or drop a line to your favorite wheel shop and ask if the new Garagiste is available for your application.