Looking for aftermarket wheels for your vehicle? Why look to Japan or China for wheels if you can support local? Rota Wheels have been in the alloy wheel game for a very long time already; producing thousands of sets of wheels and exporting them to all corners of the globe. Moreso, the standards of their wheels are even up to par with its Japanese counterparts as its parent company Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. (PAWI) recently renewed its Japan Light Alloy Automotive Wheel Testing Council (JWTC) certification.

Rota Wheels are certified safe by Japanese testing standards

JWTC certification is done by an on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s plant and facilities, and the testing equipment used. Given how stringent Japan certifications are, one can have peace of mind swapping to aftermarket Rota wheels.

Why is the certificate dated July 2018, is this a new certification? In fact, PAWI has already been JWTC certified for quite some time already. The certification is done every 10 years.

The result of the JWTC certification is that the JWL and JWL-T markings can be found embossed on their aftermarket wheels. A JWL mark certifies that the wheel has passed the technical standards for light alloy disc wheels for passenger cars. Meanwhile, JWL-T is the same as JWL wheels, but is intended for pickups, trucks and buses. For those running Rotas for a long time (or even those new to using it), you probably would have noticed the embossed marking near the lip of the wheels by now. 

Rota Wheels are certified safe by Japanese testing standards

Backed by a company with over 40 years experience in wheel manufacturing, Rota currently has a wide range of wheels available for passenger cars, SUVs and rugged pickup trucks, and are more affordable than your usual JDM rims. Some of the current Rota wheels are even fitted on vehicles displayed at the currently on-going Philippine International Motor Show 2018 - testament enough that they comply and even exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards, while giving you confidence in their lightness, safety, and durability.