ROTA Wheels is synonymous to Motorsports and Racing … our foundation for success has been our passion to provide the best performing wheels that are safe and of world-class quality.

It is because of our passion for motorsports that the Brand Rota Wheels was born nearly 30 years ago... an as we begin to celebrate our 30th Year Anniversary on August 31, 2006, get ready to be treated to a roster of new wheels that have been passionately crafted and engineered for performance.

"In the Spirit of ROTA MOTORSPORTS, we have revolutionized the way magwheels look and perform, sure we still have the traditional designs and colors for the more subtle and refined, but we recognize that in as much as you are sophisticated, you also have that spirit of enthusiasm for trying new things that help to rejuvenate not only your image but more importantly your spirit," says Rota Wheels.

You change your clothes and shoes for the different occasions you attend and the wide moods that you have… so why not give your car a change of shoes every so often to match your mood.

This 2006 ROTA presents its Motorsport Series - we are lining-up wheel choices that help transform your outlook in life. Treat yourself and your car to a new set of wheels that feed your need for speed. We will be bringing out a line-up of motorsport-oriented wheels in terms of designs and colors that fit your every whim.

In October 2005 we began with the Debut of the light-weight JSPL in Absolute Green, and just recently we stole the imagination of the US Market during the 2005 SEMA Show in Las Vegas with the roll-out the P-45 in Cosmic Blue.

The Rota Motorsports Series Wheels are for TRUE Enthusiasts and it isn't for your average "wanna-be" racers who are just all show and no go. The Rota wheels that you get off the shelf of our dealers will be the same tried and tested models that we use for our racing teams all over the world. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!