Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. (PAWI), better known as Rota Wheels, celebrates their 40th year in the business of making quality alloy wheels for various vehicles.

Being the leading wheel manufacturer locally, Rota has been recognized as the local pioneer of alloy wheel manufacturing and has been consistently included as one of the country’s top 600 corporations. Since their beginnings four decades ago, PAWI has focused on perfecting and improving the one single product they have to offer – the Rota alloy wheel.

Rota Wheels manufacturing

Having years of experience under their belt, PAWI have now become an authority when it comes to making wheels in the Philippines. They have since had success in making various wheel designs that allow clients to give their cars a new look – all while maintaining stringent quality and safety standards. The company has grown so much in fact that they’ve lately been exporting their wheels across the globe. With their products exported to 17 countries across 4 continents, Rota Wheels have become a staple in the global automotive aftermarket.

Aside from their presence in the aftermarket wheel industry, PAWI is also in charge of making Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) wheels for various brand new vehicles currently being offered in the local market. Given car manufacturers’ strict requirements for safety, PAWI is able to meet these specifications through the quality of their product.

Rota Wheels has also been very active in motorsports both local and abroad. It is the official wheel supplier of the Toyota Vios Cup and has been supplier of wheels to top touring car, rally and drift teams locally and abroad. Rota is also one of the event partners of The Drift Muscle series co-founded by "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya in Japan.


Composed of a very able and passionate team, Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc. will be producing more high quality Rota Wheels for decades to come.