The recent proliferation of counterfeit ROTA Wheels around Asia has prompted its manufacturer and trademark holder Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc. (PAWI) to issue a warning statement to protect customers.

Fake Rota Wheels at a wheel dealer in Malaysia

The official statement from PAWI is in bold:

The counterfeit [ROTA] wheels have recently surfaced through some wheel dealers in Malaysia. They are manufactured in China. The most distinct feature of the 'copies' is that they are embossed with a ROTA marking on the face of the wheel, whereas the genuine ROTA [wheel] has none.  They also come with a center cap bearing the 'ROTA Wheels' logo. They are packaged in plain brown boxes. Original ROTA wheels come with boxes that feature ROTA markings and 3D wheel drawings.

"ROTA Wheels undergo rigid testing using JWL/JWL-T standards to assure you that you are purchasing quality wheels. We cannot guarantee the safety of the copies so please be careful with your wheel purchases," said Michael Rojas, president of PAWI.

ROTA and its logo is a registered trademark of Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc.

Genuine ROTA Wheels are made proudly in the Philippines.

The company has provided a link to its Distributors Page for customers to refer to in case they have questions about the products.