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Rota's Top Sellers in the US and Europe Now Available for the Philippine Market


Among the Top Seller's in the US and European Market are Rota's D2, Boost, Drift Fighter and Tarmac3. The D2 is a popular Tuner Wheel designed for Both Rear Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive vehicles such as the Nissan Silvia, Scion XT, Honda S2000, New Honda Civic and Honda Fit. The D2 comes in various two-toned finishes usually with a polished lip and painted wheel spokes (as shown in the picture: Royal Lip Black). It can also be ordered in Staggered applications where the rear rim width is wider than the front wheels. The D2 Comes in 16, 17 and 18 inches both in straight wheel width and staggered fitments.

The Drift and Boost models are popular wheels for both compact and subcompact FWD cars. Aside from the usual painted and polished aluminum finishes, the Drift can be ordered with a stainless steel lip finish which serves to accentuate the relative wide lip design. These wheels transform the overall look of your just by the choice of finish of the wheel. Depending on your choice of color combination, you can opt for a hardcore motorsport look or a street tuner look.

Rota's latest addition to its Motorsports Series is the lightweight Fighter 15. This wheel is best suited for FWD compact and sub-compact vehicles like the Suzuki Swift, Honda Fit and earlier Civic EG, EK and ES models just to name a few. The Fighter15 is a favorite for motorsports applications due to its average 5 kg/ wheel weight and aggressive design which extends to the lip of the wheel which helps to create the illusion that it's a bigger wheel than its actual size.

The Tarmac 3 and P-45 is Rota's latest hotcake for the Subaru and Evo crowd. It only comes in 18 inches but the paint finishes are limitless. Depending on what continent the wheel is supplied, the tarmac3 is a best seller in sports bronze, charcoal grey, white and various pin-striped painted lip colors such as red, yellow, blue, green and orange.

For more info visit the ROTA Wheels website at for fitment sizing and color finishes.
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