At the rate San Miguel Corporation is building roads, Ramon Ang might as well form the country's superhighway network. He has made travel from North to South a lot easier thanks to the Skyway Stage 3. It's also full steam ahead for the Skyway Extension, making travel quicker than ever before.

This time around, the top boss of SMC turns his attention to the East. It's called the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX), and it's a proposed expressway that will bring the Province of Rizal even closer to the Metro. It's good news for those who live in the East, especially since its inner roads aren't exactly the widest.

But how did Ramon Ang come up with the idea? As it turns out, he thought of it while he was piloting his helicopter. Apart from being a (die-hard) car enthusiast, San Miguel's head honcho likes to take to the air too. From there, he saw just how congested Ortigas gets during rush hour. Ang reckons that the elevated road can remove a huge chunk of cars on the surface streets.

Of course, they won't just pick up their tools and get started on the project. There were studies made to see how PAREX can lighten the traffic in the East. "Based on our study, the tollway can do 120,000 cars a day," said Ang. "Even if only 40,000 cars pass through the access, you will solve traffic already," added the executive. That said, this endeavor comes at a massive cost. Ramon Ang estimates that the entire project will ring up $2.5 billion, or a whopping PHP 121,166,250,000.

Once complete, PAREX will span 19.365 kilometers, starting from Radial Road 10 in Manila to the Southeast Metro Manila Expressway in Rizal.