Kia will reportedly stop making the Stinger at the Sohari plant

It seems that we might be saying goodbye to the Kia Stinger. With the company planning to boost its push towards electrification, production of the Stinger will reportedly stop sometime in 2022.

According to local industry sources cited by The Korean Car Blog, the Sohari plant in Korea, which builds the Stinger, will apparently stop production of the sports sedan by Q2 of next year. The Sohari plant will then be retooled in order to mass-produce more electrified vehicles, including the Carnival Hybrid. Other vehicles that are built at the Sohari factory include the Rio, Stonic, and the K900 flagship sedan.

While the report paints a bleak future for the Kia Stinger, this particular report has to be taken with a grain of salt. The Kia Stinger was just updated last year and is still being sold in markets around the world, including the Philippines. Moreover, the Stinger is not solely manufactured in Korea as it is also produced in Russia (under Avtoror) and in Kazahkstan.

Is the Kia Stinger heading to the chopping block? image

But with sales continuing to decline for the sports sedan, Kia may continue building the Stinger albeit in small numbers. Should sales figures for the Stinger continue to decline, however, Kia may pull the plug on the Stinger as it focuses its resources on making more electrified vehicles, and dedicated electric vehicles (EVs).

With Kia looking to build more hybrids and EVs, cars like the Stinger are in danger of being discontinued. Apart from not being a volume seller, the Stinger is the opposite of what Kia envisions for the future. But will the company actually dump the sports sedan as early as 2022? Or could they make a hybrid version of the Stinger instead?

For now, all we can do is wait for an official announcement from Kia regarding the Stinger's future.