If you've always wanted to roll like a head of state, your choices were usually limited and very exclusive. There's the Jaguar XJ, the Mercedes S-Class, anything from Bentley or Rolls-Royce. And you'll pay a premium if you want it armored like the XJ Sentinel or S-Guard. Heck, if you want to roll like POTUS, you can't; there is no civilian version of Cadillac One (AKA the Beast) for sale.

But if you want to evoke the strength of Russian President Vladimir Putin, you can: there's now a version of his new state car that you can buy.

Putin's bulletproof beast is now available for the public

The civilian version of Aurus Senat debuted at the Moscow International Auto Show (which incidentally, is also known as MIAS), featuring a design that has definitive cues of some great historical as well as modern automobiles like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and perhaps even Chrysler with that massive grille.

Aurus says that there will be two distinct versions: the Senat and the Senat Limousine. There will be options for armored and un-armored cars. The Senat will also feature a luxurious interior befitting its status, and will have the latest in technology such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS, as Aurus calls them.

Putin's bulletproof beast is now available for the public 

Powering the Aurus will be a V8 that was developed by NAMI and interestingly, by Porsche. Aurus says it has 598 horsepower and a massive 880 Newton-meters of torque. There are versions with all-wheel drive and hybrid powertrains.

Putin's bulletproof beast is now available for the public

The car will be built on a modular platform which NAMI (which is part of the group that worked on the engineering of the Senat) says is an nod to the strategies of manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, so on and so forth. NAMI says they will engineer more modular platforms they will underpin other models for Aurus.

The president of Russia will be driven in a special version of the Senat Limousine, while senior government officials and ambassadors will likewise be driven aboard Senats.

Reports indicate that the Senat will start at around USD 160,000.