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Ryan Tuerck crashes the GT4586 on a mountain road


Even the pros have their off-days and misses

The recipe for a viral automotive video these days seems to have a few key ingredients. If you haven’t noticed, every popular driver takes an extremely built race car, has a certain road, town, or area closed off, and then proceeds to rip around the place with their radical machine – all while a film crew takes care of the proper angles to shoot. Following his well-documented Ferrari 458-powered 86 drift car build, it’s no surprise that Ryan Tuerck will soon tear the car up a mountain road for good measure.

Much unlike the ‘perfect’ films we’ve been accustomed to however, Donut Media goes into the reality of filming these clips by showing us the one thing may filmmakers try to avoid: Even the pros make mistakes too.


In this clip, Tuerck features in the GT4586 as he attacks a closed-off mountain pass in Portland. In his first shot of the day, the GT4586 is being followed by a Ferrari 458 Spyder camera car into a long right hander – only for Tuerck to clip it too close and bounce off the wall. Following this, he still tried to recover and set up for the next corner where he unfortunately ditched the car.

After pulling the car from the ditch, Tuerck’s team got to work on repairing the car to complete the shoot. Suffering from a completely bent tie rod among other things, the GT4586 was eventually patched up and ready to go for the rest of the day’s shoot. All’s well that ends well, right?

Hit the clip above to see what the Ferrari-powered Toyota can actually do on Portland’s winding roads.

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