Department of Transportation and Communcation (DOTC) Assistant Secretary Dante M. Lantin led representatives of the Department of Education and PGRSP (Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership) in a simple ceremony to start the pilot test of SAFE T KIDS Road Safety Learning Tool at the Pio Del Pilar Elementary School, Sta Mesa, Manila.

The highlight of the event was the turning over of SAFE T KIDS Flashcards to public school teachers from District 6 of the Division of Manila, led by Principal Mrs. Dorian Ogan. The school teachers will spearhead the pilot test in ten (10) public schools in the Pandacan/Sta Mesa area.

Some 35,000 Filipino children fall victim to road accidents every year; that's roughly 263 children each day, some of which involve the fatalities. According to statistics, road traffic injury is the 2nd most common type of accident for children ages 5-12, and most of them occur near school zones.

Face with this grim information, road safety advocates regularly consulted by the DOTC and PGRSP began conceptualizing a set of learning tools to raise awareness among elementary pupils on road safety, traffic signs, road rules and regulations, and eventually prepare them as future safe road users. It is based on the Ayatori Learning Modules of Suzuka Traffic Education Center, and successfully being used all over Japan.

The SAFE T KIDS Flashcards is a set of learning tools for children to safely walk the streets, while learning basic traffic rules and behavior. It is designed for children of 10-11 years old who are gradually learning to commute on their own to school.

The Flashcards are handy, light and portable teaching aids. Because of its attractive and colorful designs and images, the Flashcards catch the child's attention, sustain their interests and encourage interaction between teachers and students.

The SAFE T KIDS Flashcards was launched on February 24, 2011. In the next several weeks, the program will be used in 10 public schools within District 6 (Pandacan-Sta Mesa) of the City of Manila where around 5,000 pupils are enrolled in grade 5.