It's already March, and by now, more automakers have adjusted their prices according to the Department of Trade and Industries' (DTI) safeguard bonds. The latest automaker to join the bunch is Ford Philippines. The company recently announced the new prices for models affected by the government order. Thankfully, only select models are affected by the safeguard, with price increases ranging from PHP 64,000 to PHP 123,000.

Effective March 1, 2021, Ford Philippines increased the price of select Ranger variants, as well as the Territory. The Ranger models not affected by the bond are the Wildtrak 4x4 and the Ranger Raptor. Meanwhile, only the Territory Trend is affected by the government-imposed duty.

Starting with the entry-level variant of the Ranger, the XLS 4x2 MT gets a price increase of PHP 93,000. With that, the most affordable Ranger now starts at PHP 1,155,000. Meanwhile, XLS 4x2 AT and XLS 4x4 MT receive a PHP 123,000 increase and are now priced at PHP 1,215,000, and PHP 1,304,000, respectively.

Moving to the Ranger XLT, the price of the XLT 4x2 MT increased by PHP 123,000 and now retails for PHP 1,299,000. The XLT 4x2 AT, on the other hand, sees a PHP 94,000 increase with a new SRP of PHP 1,330,000.

As for the Ranger FX4, the FX4 4x2 AT and MT gain a PHP 64,000 increase. The new prices for both models are now listed at PHP 1,320,000 and PHP 1,380,000, respectively. Meanwhile, both MT and AT variants of the Ranger FX4 4x4 receive a larger increase at PHP 94,000. Their new prices are PHP 1,450,000 for the FX4 4x4 MT and PHP 1,510,000 for the FX4 4x4 AT.

While prices for the Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 remain unchanged, the same can't be said about the 4x2 variants. The Wildtrak 4x2 MT gets a PHP 90,000 increase and is now priced at PHP 1,480,000. The AT version receives a smaller increase at PHP 85,000 with a new SRP of PHP 1,540,000.

Ford PH increases price of Ranger, Territory due to safeguard bond image

The only other model in the Ford Philippines lineup affected by the safeguard is the Territory Trend. From PHP 1,199,000, the new SRP is now at PHP 1,277,000 following a PHP 78,000 increase.

So yes, only two models are affected from Ford's lineup by the new safeguard bonds. That said, the prices for other models remain unchanged, namely the Mustang, Explorer, Expedition, and Transit.