British automaker Morgan recently showcased the one-off SP1 (Special Project 1) during the 2014 Salon Prive London. The car has its styling based off the 2009 LifeCar concept and is the first car that was built by Morgan's Special Project Division. It aims to show 'the true capabilities of Britain's last privately-owned car manufacturer'.

Rear quarter section of the car

The body is made from aluminum and was constructed over a wooden “egg box” structure with the use of an English Wheel, a tool that creates two-dimensional curves in sheet metal. It was first rendered digitally to assure a stiff and aerodynamic design before being fabricated. The front fascia features the company's signature look; a sloping grill design coupled with circular headlights and wide wheel fenders that run from the front up to the rear wheel well. From the side, It has doors that flung upwards that resembles the scissor-type doors of Lamborghini and features distinctive SP1 wheels. The rear design of the car also has the wide wheel fenders and is finished with a pair of dual circular taillights.

The interior of the SP1

A wooden coach frame body made from Ash Wood and African Bubinga Red Hardwood is used as the interior's centerpiece. The contrasting colors of each wood are left exposed, especially on the joints that hold the piece together. This was done to show that Morgan has the inherent knowledge of woodworking for over 105 years. An infotainment system has been integrated on the center console and is put into place by dual hand-stitched leather straps, which according to Morgan, reflect's the company's willingness to the future while still remaining constant with its coach-building origins. Completing the interior look is a large wooden steering wheel and a gear shifter with its gaiter covered in leather.

The interior design concept of the SP1

No exact engine specifcations were detailed but Morgan states that it is powered by a Ford sourced 3.7-liter V6 engine that can also be found on the Morgan V6 Roadster. Additional upgrades to the car include a unique engine management system, a custom sports exhaust and a new suspension set up.