To remind us that they are still in the automotive market, Samsung (now no longer related to the electronics brand) recently revealed the all-new XM3 Inspire concept at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show.

The XM3 Inspire concept is essentially a rebadged version of the Arkana concept which debuted last year from Samsung's parent: Renault. While there are some very subtle changes made, it is basically the same vehicle inside and out.

Stylish XM3 Inspire Concept is Samsung’s latest vehicle image

Similar to the Arkana, the XM3 Inspire concept previews an upcoming C-Segment SUV Coupe model to be built exclusively for the Korean market. As mentioned earlier, the changes between the two are barely noticeable. One of the key differences between the Arkana and XM3, however, would be the badge and grill, which has been tweaked to sport the Renault-Samsung logo instead of the Renault Diamond. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the car is simply a carryover from its Renault counterpart. It features the same coupe-like roofline with a panoramic glass roof. Up front, there are the massive LED headlights with C-shaped daytime running lights. At the rear, there is a full-width LED taillight coupled with an aggressive rear bumper design. Curiously, the XM3 Inspire does feature orange accents not found in the Arkana.

Stylish XM3 Inspire Concept is Samsung’s latest vehicle image

The XM3 Inspiration concept is scheduled to go into production during the first half of 2020. It will be built at the Busan factory in South Korea and will join the rest of Samsung’s current model lineup. Despite being called a concept; the XM3 Inspire already looks ready for production. This comes to no surprise considering the Akrana started out as a concept but has since gone into production.

Further details regarding the XM3 Inspire are set to be released at a future date.