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San Francisco Street in Mandaluyong fully open to traffic


Motorists may now use San Francisco-Maysilo Circle Link

Motorists led by Waze to Mandaluyong for alternate routes to Makati or Quezon City may sometimes find themselves confronting San Francicso Street that has long been half-filled with stagnant water causing a whole line of establishments to either shut down or relocate.

Through the efforts of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in pushing for the quick completion of the Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project, San Francisco Street and other areas that are constantly under water will now see less flooding and increased recovery from flash flooding during rainy conditions.

“The Duterte Administration has always emphasized on efficiency and quality. The construction of Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project is expected to protect 182 hectares, which is composed of 10 barangays and four major roads, namely Boni Avenue (East), Boni Avenue (West), San Francisco Street and Martinez Road” said DPWH Secretary Mark Villar.


Four pumps were used, each with the discharge capacity of 1.5 cubic meters per second were installed on the 652-meter double barrel box culvert along San Francisco Street.

“The completion of the P609.12 million Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project is expected to decrease inundation depth from chest deep to just about six inches of flooding, if any. It is also expected to decrease duration of flooding to only about 30 minutes,” said DPWH Secretary Mark Villar.

Using the Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project, flood waters collected from low-lying areas in Maysilo Circle will be diverted to the Pasig River.

Minor works such as landscaping, and the construction of sidewalk railings and light posts are still expected to continue until end of 2016.

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