Expect to see more bicycle lanes and motorcycles lanes in the City of San Juan after Mayor Francis Zamora has announced that they plan to put up more of the said lanes on select roadways in the city.

During his inspection last Sunday on the newly put-up bicycle/motorcycle lanes along Ortigas Avenue and inside Greenhills Shopping Center, Zamora said that they are currently studying which streets could accommodate the dedicated lanes.

With public and private vehicles also using the roads, Zamora added that they are taking into consideration the width of the streets and the flow of traffic in certain areas. That way, they will be able to see exactly which roads can have the dedicated lanes while maintaining the safety of the cyclists/motorcycle riders, and keeping the flow of traffic moving at the same time.

For now, the City of San Juan will be putting up new dedicated lanes along N. Domingo Street, and Pinaglabanan Shrine. Like the one in Ortigas Avenue, the new dedicated lanes will have bollards to protect cyclists and motorcycle riders. In addition, San Juan will deploy police bike patrollers in order to monitor the implementation of the new dedicated lanes.

San Juan to put more bicycle/motorcycle lanes around the city image

“Went around San Juan today with our police bike patrollers to monitor the implementation of our modified bike lanes in Ortigas Avenue which has dedicated lanes for bikes, scooters, and motorbikes. Cars will not mix with them as they have their own lanes as well,” added Zamora.

Besides ensuring the safety of cyclists and motorcycles riders using the new lanes, the police bike patrollers are also tasked to monitor the strict implementation of quarantine protocols in the city. These include the wearing of face masks, face shields, as well as the city's anti-spitting ordinance. Failure to follow any of these ordinances will result in a hefty fine.

With San Juan City adamant in putting more of these dedicated lanes in the future, those riding on two wheels will be able to navigate their way around San Juan more safely.