With certain public transportation systems still in limited operation, some workers have resorted to riding bicycles to get to their place of work. Others, on the other hand, use motorcycles to get around. But with some Metro Manila roads not having dedicated bike lanes and motorcycle lanes, it presents a problem for those that frequently ride on two wheels.

In order to help bicycle riders and motorcyclists get to their destinations safely, the city government of San Juan recently put up dedicated lanes for both bicycles and motorcycles. Located along Ortigas Avenue, as well as the Greenhills Shopping Center complex, the new lanes will help provide a safe transportation option for cyclists and motorcycle riders within the city.

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The lanes themselves come with bollards which act as visual barriers that guide vehicular traffic, as well as those riding on two wheels. Police bike patrollers, traffic enforcers, and members of Task Force Disiplina will be deployed on the roads to maintain order and to ensure the safety of the cyclists.

"Mayroon tayong mga itinalaga na mga traffic enforcer, mga San Juan police na magbabantay dito. Ang importante, tayo po ay naglaan sa kanila ng mga body camera,” said Zamora.

[We deployed traffic enforcers and San Juan police personnel to monitor. We provide them with body cameras]

In the future, the city plans to put up an ordinance to monitor motorists committing traffic violations on the dedicated bicycle and motorcycle lanes. For now, Zamora said that they will observe the flow in order to give the people a chance to understand and learn the new bicycle and motorcycle lanes.

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After a week of observation, Zamaro will ask the city council to pass an ordinance penalizing would-be motorists that will violate the dedicate lanes. The Mayor recommended penalizing violators with a PhP 500 fine for the first offense, and PhP 2,000 for the second offense. For the third and succeeding offense, a violator will have to shell out PhP 5,000 to pay for the fine.

Zamora believes that with the new dedicated lanes, those riding on two wheels can now ride safer while in San Juan City. Should the new lanes improve traffic flow and work well along Ortigas Avenue, Zamora said that they could implement it in other parts of the city.