Remember when San Miguel Corporation (SMC) built a road made from recycled plastic? Well, the company is looking to use more recycled materials to make bicycle lanes.

Recently, SMC president and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang said that the company is looking to work with local government units (LGUs) and technology partners willing to put up dedicated bike lanes as more and more people use bicycles to get to their destinations.

“It has almost been a year since we started our plastic road initiative and so far, our pilot site has held up very well. It’s in our logistics facility—used heavily every day by large vehicles with heavy loads. Very soon, I think we can graduate it for light public use, specifically, for bicycle lanes,” said Ang.

Ang said that the company hopes to apply the technology more widely someday, particularly for public use on roads. However, he also said that further development is needed in order to determine its long-term viability.

“Our roads are not designed with cyclists in mind. What we hope to do is work with LGUs and technology partners to come up with solutions for people on bikes that are safe and cost-efficient,” added Ang.

Should an LGU or technology partner be interested in putting up more dedicated bike lanes with SMC, it would mean more recycled plastic will be used in making new roads – which equates to less waste. Just last year, some 900 kg of plastic was used as a binder, together with bitumen, in producing the asphalt needed for the 1,500 square meter pilot test at SMC's logistics center in General Trias, Cavite.

In the future, SMC announced that it would be buying up plastic wastes from assemblers and LGUs to process and use as fuels at its cement facilities. That way, the company will lessen its dependence on fossil fuels, while also saving on fuel costs.