Driving around the country, the streets are often littered with potholes or very uneven surfaces with sudden elevation changes. These then are usually the cause of broken or damaged wheels on vehicles, especially for those running aftermarket units. However, Michelin toether with Maxion Wheels may have a solution for it with flexible wheels.

Rather than focus on the tires, Michelin has focused on improving the wheels. While the wheels are still composed of aluminum, both ends are proctected by rubber flanges. The new design reduces the chances of breaking and can absorb more impact than conventional wheels. This prevents damage to the wheel and possible punctures on the tire.

Called Michelin Acorus technology, it works by deforming the rubber flanges as the wheels go over a pot hole. The rubber then acts as a cushion so that the wheels and tires do not get damaged. Apart from that, it works like any other wheel. During testing, Michelin claims the flexible wheels can also resist impact despite the vehicle carrying more speed.

Apart from protecting wheels from breaking, Michelin says the new flexible wheels will also make drivers change tires less. This is due to the punctures being avoided or the sidewall of tires ripping. Flexible wheels also allows drivers switch to larger diameter wheels despite the road conditions of the country.