Toyota isn't giving away free stuff for their “80th Anniversary”

Remember the saying "If it's too good to be true, it probably is?" Well, Toyota wants to remind the public that should they see ads or links about them giving way 'free gifts' for their 80th anniversary, they're not real.

According to Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), these are online scams as the automaker is not giving anything away for their supposed 80th-anniversary celebrations.

The automaker says the links will lead to a deceptive website that will attempt to steal personal information and data. If you happen to have clicked on the link or know someone who did so, the automaker advises users to change their passwords and activate two-factor authentication on the concerned accounts.

Scam Alert: Toyota PH warns public of fake online promos image

“TMP is encouraging everyone to scrutinize every message received, most especially if they are promising prizes or free gifts for activities the recipient did not sign up for. It also reiterates that the company and its dealer network do not ask for any private information through unauthorized channels,” said the company in a statement.

Toyota may be one of the most successful automakers, but the Japanese auto giant isn't giving away free stuff just by clicking a link and signing up. This is the equivalent of the scam “South African Prince giving away free diamonds” and the like. More importantly, the automaker isn't celebrating its 80th anniversary this 2020.

Customers are advised to get legitimate information and promotions from the Toyota Motor Philippines website and official social media pages. You may also check out the latest promos from TMP by visiting our car deals section.