Should the Schaeffler name be familiar, that is because it is one of the major sponsors of the Audi Sport ABT team in Formula E. Instead of their Formula E car however, Schaeffler recently shifted focus into production cars. More specifically, the brand managed to cram the ABT Schaeffler FE01 car's powertrain into an Audi RS3, called the 4ePerformance. The result is a road car, albeit modified to look like Audi's RS3 DTM car, which produces 1,200 PS from four electric motors.

With more than double the power of a standard RS3, the 4ePerformance now goes from 0 to 200 km/h in just under 7 seconds. Aside from power, handling on the electric RS3 has also been improved. A gearbox has been fitted at both front and rear axles, with each axle controlling two electric motors. This setup allows for torque vectoring. Two separate batteries at the front and rear provide a total output of 64kWh.

Despite looking ready for the road and track, Schaeffler will not be putting the 4ePerformance into production. Instead, the company says the car is merely a test mule in order to see how Formula E technology can be applied onto road cars. With the creation of their electric RS3, it shows that it is possible.

Schaeffler swaps 1,200 horsepower Formula E motor into Audi RS3

“For Schaeffler, this vehicle is a test laboratory on wheels thanks to its free scaling options for the drive power. We are currently testing and developing our own driving dynamics control system, which is based on physical vehicle and wheel modeling. We have been learning a lot especially in the area of software-based driving dynamics control systems”, says Simon Opel, Director Special Projects Motorsports at Schaeffler.