If there’s one thing Lexus and Agatha Wong share, it’s the pursuit of perfection.

It’s no surprise then that the Philippine Wushu standout and three-time South East Asian (SEA) Games gold medalist has been chosen as the luxury car manufacturer’s new ambassador for the NX. According to Lexus, Wong shares the same values, work ethic, and passion for her craft similar to Lexus’ Takumi master craftsmen.

SEA Games gold medalist Agatha Wong is new Lexus ambassador image

“In Wushu, the most important trait that a person should acquire is discipline,” she shares. “Discipline is what sets a good athlete apart from regular athletes. Another trait that should be developed over the years is resilience. Resilience and discipline go hand in hand when it comes to everything in life, especially in sports,” says Wong.

Similar to how Wong constantly strives to improve her craft and push herself to achieve even, Lexus’ and the master craftsmen who build the NX are constantly improving too. Furthermore, the automaker says it has taken the best traits from its decades of experience building SUVs and condensed it into the NX. As such, Wong and the NX do make for a great duo.  

SEA Games gold medalist Agatha Wong is new Lexus ambassador image

“I’m hungry to learn new things every day,” she adds. “As in Wushu, there are no limits to which your mind and body can comprehend a certain skill. If you want it, there’s a way. And if not, there are only excuses.”

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