As part of its advocacy to promote environmental awareness, SEAOIL has started a recycling drive where customers get cash in exchange for returning empty SEAOIL lubricant bottles to any SEAOIL station nationwide. The program will run until August 31, 2011.

Customers can get 30 pesos if they return a 4-liter SEAOIL MAKO 5W40, and 10 pesos for a 1-liter bottle. For 4-liter bottles of GEO Supreme, DEO Max, GEO GT 40, GEO GT 30, DEO HDX 500 SAE 40, DEO HD 200 SAE 40, EP 90, EP 140, 4T Power, and 2T Grand Prix, customers can get 5 pesos, and 1 peso for a 1-liter bottle.

"By reusing old bottles for the packaging of our lubricant products, SEAOIL is doing its part in minimizing the impact plastics have on the environment," said SEAOIL president Glenn Yu. "SEAOIL believes that everything we do, big or small, has an effect in this world. So it is important that we take every measure to consciously promote better environmental care," added Yu.

Since its establishment in1996, the company has put into act the research, development, and production of environmentally-safe petroleum products. In 2005, SEAOIL became the first in the country to promote Biofuels by launching E10, the first gasoline blended with 10% ethanol. Ethanol and Coco Methyl Ester are 100% biodegradable materials used in the blending of SEAOIL fuel.  It does not pose any threat to the environment and help produce cleaner emissions.